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Downtown Ocala, Fl Vigil For 2 Slain Great Danes, August 2, 2010

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Downtown Ocala, Fl Vigil For 2 Slain Great Danes, August 2, 2010

Justice for Epic & Samson

OCALA-- 2 Great Danes Murdered: Woman Fights Back for Justice. August 2nd, 2010, The mother and owner, Holli Tencza, held an open candlelight vigil in remembrance of her two great danes which were killed out of haste by a neighbor, Christian Monteiro, several blocks down the road. The vigil was to support finding an answer from a man who murdered her two dogs and didn't receive any punishment by law for not only unsafely discharging his firearm near a family dwelling with individuals inside, but for killing her own two dogs which were non threatening by any means.

August 12, 2010, Tencza's husband had been mowing the grass earlier and had unintentionally left the gate open, which later her son had let these two large loving dogs out to play around in the backyard. Roughly around 3pm, Epic & Samson (the owner's dogs) took a stroll through the neighborhood and fellow neighbors reported seeing these dogs happily playing around wagging their tails and enjoying themselves while not endangering or threatening any others around. The family quickly found that their dogs were out of their yard and notified proper authorities and began their search around the neighborhood.

Unfortunately one neighbor, Monteiro, decided to take his own actions of putting these loving pets in misery because he claimed he was threatened while outside in his garage working on his automobile-- even after going inside his home. After a call was placed to the 911 dispatcher whom instructed this man to stay inside his residence, he returned outside with a loaded weapon, making claims that these great danes were chasing children down the road and becoming hostile towards his neighbors and their children, which were inside their screened in porch at the time. Upon his overreactions, he fatally shot Epic twice, once in the back and another in her neck and had managed to escape to a wooded lot near the gunman's home. Samson was shot in the face by Monteiro and had managed to survive the shooting at the time.

Deputies had arrived on scene and later Tencza with her family to learn about this tragic incident and never imagined that another person could do such harm to their innocent loving animals. Samson was taken to an animal emergency clinic to take need to these life threatening wounds from being shot in the nose with a bullet still lodged in his nasal passage. Samson later passed after being treated in the emergency clinic due to cardiac arrest.

This case was dropped without any question or reasoning by Marion County Sheriffs office as Monteiro claimed these dogs were a threat to him. Tencza just wants justice and a full investigation for the unreasonable actions this neighbor took upon himself to take these two dogs from her and her family. Her and her lawyer are pursuing for the state attorney's office to reopen the case in hopes that no one else will suffer the pain and agony she has.

Author: Steve Beger

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